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Expert landscaping supplies are just a short drive away—visit Murgon Sand & Gravel!

We are proud to stock a great selection of durable building and landscaping supplies, ideal for all-sized projects. From small home touch-ups and renovations, to full-scale construction and landscaping work, we have absolutely everything you need under one roof.

Our building and plumbing products include:

  • Bedding sand
  • Course sand
  • Septic rubble
  • Brickies loam
  • Pre-mix
  • 20kg bags of GP cement powder
  • Deco
  • Fill
  • 10mm screenings
Gardening — Sand & Gravel in Murgon, QLD

Our landscaping and gardening products include:

  • Soft fall bark
  • Garden soil
  • Topsoil & cow manure mix
  • Hardwood chip
  • Cypress mulch
  • Decorative river stone
  • Slashed bark
Looking for something in particular? Our team works hard to ensure you receive everything you need to make your project a success—simply phone, email or visit our location to discuss your requirements today.